And A Good Afternoon To You Too….

I, dont think i need to do any introductions because some of you already know me, yes, you guessed right; I am Bipolar.  It’s been a year and some months since I was diagnosed.  Why have i decided to write now? Well, because earlier, i felt like it would be a bit much because i was discovering a new me and that was not particularly easy.  Watching people slowly change their perceptions about me and begin to treat me differently was not exactly my cup of tea.  Many times i would find myself thinking about it, trying to unravel things and it would get so overwhelming and in turn i would get so emotional trying to deal with the pain and anguish of discovering that i was not the same person anymore.


Or am i? How can i separate who is who, between the manic episodes and the depression, and the intertwining of both.  Is there still a part of me without it that is left or maybe even waiting to get out for the whole world to  know? Maybe..just maybe… I write because i am tired of sharing this journey with the ultimate wrong people who turn it into an excuse for them to blame some non-issues on it; on bp. “Oh you are like that because of your bp,..”..” oh, have you been to your doctor lately?.. “,…”You should probably get checked..”


Hopefully, here I will meet people who are going through exactly what i am, or getting by quite fine but they understand my situation.  I love having this opportunity to share with someone who does not know who turn to, who to talk to about some things without being judges and without seeming like a burden to the person. Ps: Get ready for a lot of deets, and when i say a lot , I actually mean it!!


Lotsa love, 🙂

Cassandra Jane.